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Listening and Responding to the Pupil Voice

"They (pupils) are able to express their voice and opinions through verbal feedback and questionnaires."   

Clifton Diocese, Section 48 Inspection (December 2015)

The children of St Mary's are active members of their community and the school's leaderships listen carefully to them as part of an ongoing commitment to their needs and views. As a Christian school we believe passionately in servant leadership and this is at the heart of our ministry and practice. 


The 'B' Team

Our 'Be the best you can be' team formed following an invitation by the school and Bath and North East Somerset PSHE Officer, Kate Murphy, to develop and celebrate equality and diversity within the school. Pupils from years 3 - 6 were asked to write a letter of application identifying why they would be a good advocate.

This team have worked hard to review the playground experience for pupils and implemented a new set of playground rules and procedures.

Chaplaincy Team

Our Chaplaincy Team are annually commisioned by Bishop Declan in the Autumn at Clifton Cathedral in Bristol. They meet weekly with Mrs Phillips to pray and look at ways that they can develop the prayer life of our school. Our team also hold a range of charitable events which have recently included a harvest collection appeal for the local foodbank, collecting items for refugees in our local community and raising funds for CAFOD.


Playground Design Team (PDT)

This small group of pupils works closely with Mrs Pecchia (PE Leader) in evaluating the physical activities and apparatus on offer at playtimes. They met with James Chalk (Playforce School Grounds Consultant) who worked with the team's ideas and designs and planned an activity trail offering a good level of physical challenge for a stretch of wasteland in the junior playground. This new trail has proved to be popular at playtimes! The PDT has more work to do still and will work closely with our PTA in fundraising for more equipment. 

Curriculum and Subject Forums/ Focus Groups

The leadership of St Mary's believes passionately in evaluating its provision for pupils so the pupil voice is often consulted to obtain feedback. Subject and senior leaders meet with pupils from across the school, often randomly chosen, to discuss and assess the different curriculum areas. So far this academic year leaders have met with pupils to discuss RE, behaviour and learning styles.

The school actively uses its VLE (virtual learning environment) to obtain feedback from its pupils. Our IT leader, Mr Gailor, can design and assign a range of questionnaires, forums and forms which can be safely accessed and completed by the children. 

School Senate

In previous years, the school operated a pupil council which consisted of representatives from a majority of classes who met with school leaders and governors. Currently the school is reviewing this format with a view to introducing a similar framework where a wider range of representatives (including class reps) will meet and discuss the needs of the school on a planned timetable that matches the school's plans for development and evaluation. The school is keen to engage with the local authority's pupil council. 

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