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Year 4


In Year 4 we learn lots of exciting things.

We learn all about the Anglo-Saxons and the Scots including designing our own shields and imagining we were part of the archaeological team that discovered Sutton Hoo! Later in the year, we build on this learning to find out about the Vikings, create our own mythical creatures and write our own epic hero myth based on Beowulf. 

In Geography, we find out about how Rivers are used, how they form and why we need to protect them.  We learn about the continent of North America focusing on its different climates and how the equator impacts them. Then we look in depth at the Rocky Mountains and Mount St Helen, before comparing New York State and City to Bath. When we study South America, we will learn all about life in Rio and consider the pros and cons of a country hosting the Olympic games. 

During the year, we write and record our own spooky podcasts, whilst trying our hand at being foley artists and creating our own sound effects.

In year 4, we love talking about art and look at a new artwork every day. We love exploring the work of different artists and thinking about how they can influence our own creative projects, such as illustrating the Jabberwocky, making clay pots or still life collages.

We combine our scientific knowledge of electricity and Design Technology to make our own buzzer games. We also learn all about our brilliantly disgusting digestive system and carry out some stomach-churning experiments. 

Another highlight of our year is learning to play the Ukulele! 

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